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HHI Family Fishing Nights

25 August 2023
For families/all ages
Children must be accompanied by an Adult
Rowing & Sailing Center
Cost: $25 for up to 4 people, an additional $15 per family member
Enjoy a night of fishing and education with your family and learn some pro tips from some of the Lowcountry’s most sought-after Fishing Captains! In this 2 hour event, a featured Salt Water Fishing Captain will teach you all about fishing in the Lowcountry, including knot tying, target casting, artificial and live bait setups, in-shore, and off-shore fishing strategies, cast net throwing, and much more! The second hour will be spent fishing with your family and the local Captain off the dock at the Rowing & Sailing Center. Kids can enjoy a special sweet treat during the last hour as well!
Friday, August 25th: Discovering In-Shore & Off-Shore Species with Captain John Brackett of Sweet Pea Fishing (5pm – 7pm) Captain Brackett will be showcasing some of his great professional photography of various in-shore and off-shore fish and marine wildlife, including some amazing deep water scuba shots! The second hour will be spent fishing with the captain off the dock at the Rowing & Sailing Center.
Friday, September 15th: Shrimping in the Lowcountry with Captain Allick Inglis of Fish Bluffton (4pm – 6pm). Captain Inglis will share his wealth of knowledge of shrimping in our local waters. Participants will have a chance to learn from a pro on various methods of throwing a cast net, where to find shrimp at different months of the season, and generally interesting facts about our local shrimp. Participants will also have a chance to fish off the dock at the Rowing & Sailing Center.
Friday, October 13th: In-Shore Fishing Methods & Tactics with Captain Kai Williams of Awesome Adventure Charters (5pm – 7pm). Captain Kai is back to teach you how to catch fish in our Lowcountry waters! He will teach you different types of fishing rigs, and knots, and how to cast them to give yourself the best chance of reeling in the big one!
Friday, November 17th: Everything SHARKS with Captain Chip Michalove of Outcast Charters (4pm – 6pm). The world-renowned Captain Chip Michalove is back by popular demand to showcase his latest and greatest off-shore shark footage! You won’t want to miss this outstanding opportunity to learn everything there is to know about the wide array of shark species, including the Great White! Fishing off the dock at the Rowing & Sailing Center with Captain Michalove will be available during the first hour of the experience.

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